One of our most important roles as teachers is to provide students with the tools they need to express their ideas. That could be physical equipment or online platforms that make sharing ideas more efficient, whether through polls, blogs, videos, or brainstorming platforms. My theory is that if we value what students have to say, then we should value the tools that can amplify their voices.


Voice Thread is a robust platform that allows for students to record videos and teachers host flipped classrooms. Students can gain hours and hours of speaking practice, make realtime annotations, and insert comments directly into videos. Teachers can compile portfolios, host multiperson discussions over the course of days, and reinvent the classroom experience to empower the individual learner.


Google’s foray into collaborative planning has me unbelievably excited. It takes the design elements of other brainstorming platforms and makes them an integrated Google Product with video conferencing. Jamboard seems gamechanging enough for computers, tablets, and mobiles, but the big 55 inch monitor is my dream.