I read hungrily, play nerdy boardgames, and try my best to write enjoyable trivia nights. I also keep a running list each of the year's most impressive movies, which is not quite a blog, not quite a review, and not quite a top ten list, but it is a whole lot of fun. 

My Family

Katelyn Foley and I met in our senior year of college at the University of Georgia, and in 2014, we married. Katelyn is a kindergarten teacher, actor, dramaturg, massage therapist, part time knitter, and full time nerd, and when we're not teaching, we read plays out loud to each other.

(Photos by Carole Kaboya)

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where my mom and dad were both teachers. My sister, Neeley, teaches at Perimeter College at Georgia State University, and she writes plays. Her latest, Alice Between, is a play for teen audiences. My brother-in-law, John, teaches Elementary School. All of my mom's siblings teach, and half of my dad's siblings do. Basically, when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, there is a lot of teacher talk.


Our Travels 

So far, Katelyn and I have been able to travel to Cambodia, England, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. We have fallen in love with teaching internationally and exploring the world. There are so many people to meet, so many cultures to learn from, and so much delicious food to eat.

Flags of Places We Have Visited 02.png

My Favorites

When it is time to introduce myself at the beginning of the year to students, I like to do an introduction of my personal favorites. Here they are!