Here are some of the digital lifelines that buoy the 21st century classroom. Personally, I find Google Classroom and the entire G Suite to be the unparalleled game changer in education.

Google Classroom

Now that I have experienced the phenomenally streamlined power of Google Classroom, I cannot imagine a classroom experience without it. The collaborative nature of the G Suite is empowering for students, the ability to track revisions and recover earlier versions of documents is the ultimate safety net, and the interface is brilliant and effortlessly easy to navigate. I am in love with Google Classroom. It is the be all and end all of organizing a classroom.

Tech Classroom Organization PowerSchool.png


It goes without saying that teachers will at some point run across PowerSchool, but what is not as widely discussed is the helpfulness of this ubiquitous program's section for video tutorials.


I cannot recall how many important notes I have lost on my computer or phone, so EverNote was immediately attractive to me. It strives to create a sleek experience, and I find it easy to create a Notebook in the app for entire classes and then individual Notes for students. It is easy to update my conferencing notes, they are automatically backed up in cloud storage, and the ability to link files from the G Suite directly into Notes means that EverNote can also serve as a student portfolio.

Tech Classroom Organization CamScanner.png


This app has transformed how I approach papers that need to become digital. Before, I was full of trepidation. Now, I go for it without hesitation. The corrective technology to flatten pages of books, bring out the color in pictures, and make pictures of documents look like they were physically scanned is game changing. Plus, the cloud storage is very helpful. I am sure that there will be later and greater competitors to emerge, but right now, I am hooked on CamScanner.

Tech Classroom Organization Finger Chooser.png

Chwazi Finger Chooser

This is the modern day version of "rock, paper, scissors" for deciding who goes first during a class presentation or who will randomly take the facilitator role during a table discussion. It is surprising just how many times this app can simplify and streamline the decision making process in a classroom. Plus, it's fun!