No matter how much experience you have studying, there is always a new study strategy to learn. These websites have been personal life savers for me, and more than occasionally, they have been time savers. Many students know these sites and independently use them frequently, but I think that the better we can integrate them into the regular patterns of a classroom, the better that we can prepare our students.

Often, students will wonder if they have enough time to study, or they will multitask as they study by watching videos or television shows. This website could help put into perspective just how much time we spend bingewatching shows. Now, I am not sure the correct ratio between bingewatching and studying, but I think this website could help provide some raw data to help students make informed decisions.

This simple calculator measures average sleep cycles to guide your best bedtimes and alarm clock settings. It feels a bit dated, but honestly, if students are going to be self-aware about their sleep habits while studying, this is a useful tool that might motivate students to optimize their studying decisions.