Welcome to your 9th grade year at Westlake High School! To introduce you to our school and my individual classroom, I have assembled a few important documents that you might want to explore. These documents are what I consider the "first day documents" that can help see what the year holds. Please take a moment to look through whichever documents will give you the most assistance. If you have any questions about a document below, please shoot me an email at gossetts@fultonschools.org. Best wishes, and welcome to 9th grade!

Westlake Information

Fulton County Year Calendar (Click here)

Fulton County Testing Calendar (Click here)

Bell Schedule (Click here)

School Map Official (Click here)

School Map by Gossett (Click here)

School Website (Click here)

School Calendar (Click here)

School Sports (Click here)

School Clubs (Click here)

School Newsletter (Click here)

School Literary Magazine (Click here)

Student Handbook (Click here)

Communication Guide (Click here)

The link above is for the communication guide from two years ago. We currently do not have a communication guide for this year, but as soon as the school creates one, I will post it here. Also, the link for the Student Handbook is old. I will update it as soon as the school sends out a new link.

Classroom Information

Behavior Expectations (Click here)

Schedule for Quizzes and Tests (Fall 2015) (Click here)

Schedule for Quizzes and Tests (Spring 2016) (Click here)

Pacing Guide (Fall 2015) (Click here)

Pacing Guide (Spring 2016) (Click here)

Standards Plan (Fall 2015) (Click here)

Standards Plan (Spring 2016) (Click here)

Vocabulary Plan (Fall 2015) (Click here)

Vocabulary Plan (Spring 2016) (Click here)

Outside Reading Menu (Fall 2015) (Click here)

Outside Reading Menu (Spring 2016) (Click here)

Curriculum Overview (Fall 2015) (Click here)

Curriculum Overview (Spring 2016) (Click here)

Curriculum Map (Year 2015 - 2016) (Click here)

Many of these documents reflect my individual planning over the summer and are my ultimate goals for how the 9th grade year should be structured. School documents are always in flux, especially when multiple classrooms, teachers, and administrators are considered, so all of these documents are subject to change and will evolve throughout the course of the year. They do however represent what I hope to eventually reach in terms of planning and execution and hopefully will serve as a road map for the classroom. 

Classroom Forms

Behavior Report (Click here)

Missing Work Report (Click here)

Tardy Report (Click here)

Suspected Skipping Report (Click here)

At various times in the school year, you might receive one of the above documents to notify you about a concern that needs to be addressed. If you receive one of these documents, then I will be opening up a line of dialogue to address these issues and better move forward with a productive year of learning and excellence.

Course Study Guides

Milestones EOC Study Guide for 9th Grade Literature (Click here)

EOCT Study Guide for 9th Grade Literature (Click here)

Milestones EOC Study Guide for 9th Grade Algebra (Click here)

EOCT Study Guide for 9th Grade Algebra (Click here)

Milestones EOC Study Guide for 9th Grade Biology (Click here)

EOCT Study Guide for 9th Grade Biology (Click here)

We technically use Milestones now instead of EOCT, but I think the EOCT Study Guide documents above are fantastic resources that include a practice exam, which is a feature the Milestones EOC Study Guide does not. The major difference between the 9th Grade Literature exams is that the Milestones exam adds a writing component. Otherwise, I do think students will receive a decent (although not sufficient) review by reading the EOCT Study Guide for 9th Grade Literature and practicing its mock exam. Also, I have included the EOCT Study Guides for other 9th grade courses as well in case you would like to peruse at your leisure.

Course Syllabi

9th Grade English Syllabus (Fall 2015) (Click here)

9th Grade English Syllabus (Spring 2016) (Click here)

Creative Writing Syllabus (Fall 2015) (Click here)

Creative Writing Syllabus (Spring 2016) (Click here)

We use a collaborative syllabus, so you will find the policies consistent across the board for 9th Grade English. The collaborative syllabus is our way as teachers to communicate to you the objectives, culture, and expectations of our classroom. If you have any questions, please send me an email.