The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS) is a USA based organization that developed a common language for the skills that students typically learn across a K-12 education. This practical language is aimed to make collaboration easier between teachers as we talk about what students learn. Below, I have included a few ways that I like to communicate the Common Core Standards to students. 


While students need to unpack full standards to understand them, I think there is value in displaying a two to three word "short cut" for each standard in a bite-sized way that help bridge how teachers talk and how students learn.

Language Arts

In 2017, I created these posters to display standards in a kid friendly way that would be clear, concise, and powerful. In CCSS, there are six major domains for the standards that students learn during Language Arts.

Social Studies

In 2017, I created these posters as well. In AERO, there are eight major domains for the standards that students learn during Social Studies.


One of my favorite corners of the internet is the subreddit Explain It Like I'm Five (EILI5), because there is thriving community that explains complicated subjects as if the audience is a five year old. A coworker convinced me that this website could be useful in the classroom because it is a helpful model for how students can take a complicated standard and translate it into the simplest speech possible. Having students rewrite standards in their own words is an effective exercise that empowers students to take learning into their own hands. Below is an example of own way to display the rewritten standards.

Digital Menu

I created a web-based digital menu to be able to read standards more easily. This is mainly a tool for teachers, but I think that students could find it useful as well. To try this standards menu for 9th Grade Literature, please click here.

Digital Glossary