Every thriving campus needs to give student journalists the chance to spotlight its news, events, and successes in a newspaper. I was lucky enough to guide a team of young student journalists while they created a weekly publication. 

Newspaper Staff

Below, are the diligent young journalists who were writers, contributors, researchers, and photographers who succeeded in publishing 28 editions of the school newspaper.

Newspaper Staff.jpg

Role of the Editors

When working on a student publication, student editors only need a little bit of direction in order to accomplish ambitious articles. They can delegate tasks with their peers and make their work efficient. Below is a list of one of the checklists that I gave to our student editors. This document lays out our short term direction and specifies achievable targets for upcoming issues of the school newspaper.

School News

College News

Community Service

Science News

Arts and Culture

Sports News

Student Recognition

Young Journalistis

These are the researchers, decision makers, and young journalists that made all 28 editions happen.