Students in ISS/OSS can complete all assignments while suspended. Below I will lay out the procedures for getting work from school to home. Please notice that suspended students will also receive a reflection assignment. They must COMPLETE the reflection and turn it in before they can receive a grade for the classroom they submit during suspension. I believe that students should often reflect, and I will enter into the grade book the classwork done in ISS/OSS as soon as the reflection is complete for EACH day of suspension. If there are five days of suspension, then I need five reflections in addition to the regular assignments.

ISS/OSS Reflections
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Getting ISS Assignments
I submit all ISS assignments to the ISS teacher, and students are responsible for finishing them during ISS. Please email me if your child need further recovery after ISS.

Getting OSS Assignments
I submit all OSS assignments to Juanita Lumpkin. You can request them by emailing Ms. Lumpkin or me. Students are allowed to complete all assignments while suspended.