I spend time with my wife, read hungrily, play nerdy boardgames, and try my best to write enjoyable trivia nights. I also keep a running list each of the year's most impressive movies, which is not quite a blog, not quite a review, and not quite a top ten list, but it is a whole lot of fun. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where both of my parents were teachers. My sister teaches at Perimeter College at Georgia State University, and she writes plays that have been performed around Atlanta. My brother-in-law, also teaches, as do the majority of my aunts and uncles. Basically, at every Thanksgiving dinner table, there was a lot of teacher talk.


Katelyn is a kindergarten teacher, actor, dramaturg, massage therapist, part time knitter, and full time nerd, and when we're not teaching, we read plays out loud to each other. We met in our senior year of college at the University of Georgia, and in 2014, we married. It took her several years to convince me that we should move overseas to teach abroad, but I am very glad she did.

(Photos by Carole Kaboya)


So far, Katelyn and I have dedicated ourselves to traveling far and wide. There are so many people to meet, so many cultures to learn from, and so much delicious food to eat. Below are the countries that we have been able to visit.

Reading Biography

We all have a reading biography, because every time we open a book, close that book, and open another, we reshape our ourselves as readers. My goal is to help students realize their reading biographies and practice articulating why certain books are meaningful and what excites them about the next books that they are going to read. For me, it is essential to use a website like Good Reads for keeping track of the books that shape me.

Trivia Nights

A local restaurant and I have been hosting a series of trivia nights. We are currently on number six. The trivia nights are in six rounds and feature several categories, including current events, food, geography, history, literature, music, pop culture, science, and sports. So far, the trivia nights have been tailored toward international teachers and have come with a soundtrack. In the future, I would like to find even more opportunities and venues for trivia nights, so if you know a restaurant, pub, or teaching staff interested in a carefully curated trivia night, please suggest to them emailing me for more information.