Their Prose

(short stories, monologues, and novellas)

Their Poetry

(verse, monologues, and spoken word)

Their Art

(painting, sketching, and digital design)

Their Scripts

(plays, television shows, and movies)

Their Interviews

(interviews and reviews)

Message from the Editor

Writing, in its entirety, has been more than just words on a page. Writing for this group of talented teens has grown into a portal to the untapped places in the mind. We have taken the time to dig into our inner thoughts and imaginations to paint pictures of worlds never seen before. Each element included in the magazine includes a little piece of the author and/or illustrator’s heart.

Each piece is unique and amazing in ways that have never been witnessed before. As a body of talented writers and artists, we wanted to erase the limits and boundaries that have been placed upon us. We wanted to create new worlds and new rules of expression. We present you with the chance to walk with us on our journeys and enjoy the various destinations along the way.
— Taliyah Holloway, Senior, Literary Editor