A Wicked History

This is an entertaining series of history's greatest leaders who had a wicked streak. The books are thoroughly researched and fully engaging. I think that they are a must for any Social Studies classroom (GoodReads).

Horrible Histories

This British series can be laugh-out-loud funny at times, and it is meticulously researched. Between the television series and the book series, Horrible Histories is quite the brandname in England (GoodReads).

You Wouldn't Want to Be....

This is a series for younger readers. However, even older audience will get a kick out of it. The research is solid, and the perspective taken toward history is one that deflates the mythos that have been built up around certain time periods. It would be a great Book Club exercise (GoodReads).

Dead Famous


First Person Fiction

For this 2004 series, Scholastic contracted a talented group of writers to describe the stories of various immigrants moving to the United States. The result is an excellent book club opportunity for five students to learn together through share outs and structured discussions.

Regional Textbooks

(By Holt-McDougal)

Every Day Life In...

DK Books