College Decisions

Freshman year is when you want to protect your GPA and start thinking about college. Below are useful links and documents that can help you take the first steps toward making a college plan. I especially want to make sure all of my students know about the HOPE, the Georgia program that gives you free college education for keeping a 3.0 GPA in high school.

If you're interested in using online GPA Calculators, I will put a list of the best GPA Calculators below.

HOPE GPA Information: Click here
Unofficial HOPE GPA Calculator: Click here
Unofficial HOPE GPA Calculator for Honors: Click here

Georgia College 411
This is the premiere site for gathering information on colleges in Georgia. I highly recommend setting up a profile as a freshman, because you can gather, store, and rank college information. If you start planning this early, it's only a bit at a time rather than coming up with an entire plan at the end of your high school career. 

Find Colleges: Click here
College Planning: Click here
Sign Up for a Profile: Click here
About has put together VERY useful comprehensive information on colleges nationwide. This is the place I go to to get my data, including the GPA/SAT/ACT Graph you see on the college posters in my classroom. Thank you About!

College Information: Click here

College Planning: Click here
Applications: Click here 

 College Data
This site stuns me with its easy-to-use design and powerful search engine. For me, it's a one-stop-shop of college data, and you will be able to browse colleges on this site most easily. Also, I have included links to College Data's information on the Common Application and Universal Application, both of which are programs that allows you to fill out one application and submit it to several schools. 

Colleges: Click here
Scholarships: Click here
Common Application: Click here
Universal Application: Click here
Student Stories: Click here

College Admission Sites
I am going to also include some direct links to the admission information pages for different colleges in Georgia. Once you have linked to that page, you can navigate through the college's webpage.

University of Georgia: Click here


Contact Your Guidance Counselor
We have an incredible staff of counselors, so it make sense to use them!  Reach out and ask them any specific questions about what you need to be doing to prepare for college admission or become career ready. Ms. Ogle runs the College and Career Center and will be a great contact to email at

Plan Your SAT and ACT
Make sure you visit the SAT and ACT Review and read all the information under those sections. There are some great resources, and you want to get the highest score as early as possible for college. REMEMBER THE P-SAT IS OCTOBER 16TH! 

SAT Review: Click here
ACT Review: Click here

HOPE Scholarship
HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) is a free way to go to college. Yes, I repeat. A free way to go to college. Hope pays for four years of full tuition and fees for students who graduate from a high school in the state with a 3.0 or "B" average. Click here

Info about HOPE: Click here
More info about HOPE: Click here
Chart of schools that accept HOPE: Click here
List of schools that accept HOPE: Click here

Regulations for HOPE: Click here
EVERYTHING about HOPE: Click here
Lawmakers proposal for HOPE: Click here

Student loan information: Click here
Pell Grant Generator: Click here 
Financial Aid Calculators: Click here   


Gossett's Georgia Posters
I have hung college posters in my classroom that showcase several Georgia schools. Students will also keep track of their GPA Calculator. Below is a list of the schools featured as well as a link copies of the poster and a GPA Calculator form.  

GPA Calculator: Click here
College Posters: Click here