The classroom is a sanctuary for intellectualism, discussion, teamwork, bravery, personal expression, and above all, hard work. In my classroom, I challenge all students to Be Positive, Be Courteous, Be Strong, because these are the aphorisms I task myself to achieve. I encourage students, no matter the situation, to ask themselves how they can Be Positive, Be Courteous, Be Strong.

Criteria for Success

To succeed at your fullest potential, make sure you are meeting these expectations of Be Positive, Be Courteous, Be Strong.

1) Be Positive by reflecting deeply and thinking with a growth mindset.

  • Apply the feedback you get in future learning.

  • Be a resourceful and resilient problem solver.

  • Set and pursue goals for growth.

2) Be Courteous by having a respectful social attitude.

  • Collaborate well and contribute ideas.

  • Respect yourself and the school community.

  • Demonstrate honesty.

3) Be Strong by being a responsible and self-managing student.

  • Hand in work on time.

  • Be ready to learn with all necessary materials.

  • Take initiative by asking for assistance, clarification, or extension.

Advice for Success

In 2013, I listed ways that someone might Be Positive, Be Courteous, Be Strong. The result was half speech and half poem. Here are a few pages to post of the walls of a classroom.


In 2016, I created these posters to give students a better idea of what to expect in class. Each year, we define what falls under the categories “Be Positive,” “Be Courteous,” and “Be Strong” and sign a pledge.