Please read all the recovery options below. If you have not completed an assignment on the list, then you can redo the assignment and turn it in for partial credit. By clicking "Click here," you will see the details of each assignment. Please turn into me any assignments you would like to recover ASAP. This site contains all the information you will need, so please consider it a "one stop shop" for raising your overall grade. If you have any questions, I will help you through the recovery process. Please email me at

Recoverable Homework

(H1) Argument: Make a Formal and Informal Argument (Click here)

(H2) Cover Page: Thirteen Questions about Your Own Writing (Click here)

(H3) Short Story: The Rise and Fall of a Historical Character (Click here)

(H4) Cover Page: Claim for Drinking Soda in Class (Click here)

(H5) Argument: We Should Be Able to Drink Soda in Class (Click here)

(H6) Poetry: Invocation to a Modern Profession (Click here)

(H7) Quick Write: Myths: The Truth About Elephants and Islands (Click here)

(H8) Finding Evidence: Heroes Journey: Finding Each Archetype in a Movie (Click here)

Recoverable Classwork

(C3) Short Story: Prey Becomes the Predator (Click here)

(C4) Finding Evidence: The Most Dangerous Game (Click here)

(C8) Quick Write: Observations About Earth: Pale Blue Dot Pictures (Click here)

Recoverable Timed Writings

(T5) Timed Writing: Argumentative Essay: Abolish a Classroom Rule (Click here)

(T6) Timed Writing: Short Story: A Commonplace Addiction (Click here)

(T7) Timed Writing: Argumentative Essay: Reflections on the Blackfish Documentary (Click here)

Recoverable Projects

(P1) Research Project: Honor Code and Doing Your Own Work (Click here)

(P2) Research Project: Food and Drinks (Click here)

(P3) Vocab Project Unit 1 (Circumspect - Translucent) and Unit 2 (Affable - Revoke) (Click here)

(P4) Vocab Project: Unit 3 (Abstain - Tenacious) and Unit 4 (Affable - Revoke) (Click here)

(P5) Vocab Project: Unit 5 (Agenda - Superlative) and Unit 6 (Analogous - Resonant) (Click here)