Message from the Editor

Writing, in its entirety, has been more than just words on a page. Writing for this group of talented teens has grown into a portal to the untapped places in the mind. We have taken the time to dig into our inner thoughts and imaginations to paint pictures of worlds never seen before. Each element included in the magazine includes a little piece of the author and/or illustrator’s heart.

Each piece is unique and amazing in ways that have never been witnessed before. As a body of talented writers and artists, we wanted to erase the limits and boundaries that have been placed upon us. We wanted to create new worlds and new rules of expression. We present you with the chance to walk with us on our journeys and enjoy the various destinations along the way.
— Taliyah Holloway, Senior, Literary Editor

Their Prose

(short stories, monologues, and novellas)

Short Stories
"Deemo & the Girl"
"Detached Destiny"
"Dust Devil"
"Forever the Prey"

"A Gentle Earthquake"
"A Grandmother’s Love"
“Not Like Me”
"Shopping Addiction"

"Swirling Inferno"
"The Story of My Boys"
“Yellow Paint”

"I Hate Vampires"
"Just Behind the 8 Ball"
"Noctilucent Cloud" 

Their Scripts

(plays, television shows, and movies)

Hope for You
A Lullaby


The Plum Pluck

Tycoon Gamer

Movie & TV Scripts
Behind the Mask
Moresbee: The Necklace


Their Journalism

(interviews and reviews)

Gabrielle Fulton (Playwright)
Pamela-Faith Jackson (Playwright)
Ren (Visual Artist)


Dear White People

Movie Review

Their Art

(painting, sketching, and digital design)

Ad Infinitum
Arizona Lovin’
CaARBON-ated Arsenic
Center Stage

Collateral Damage
Dark Majestic
Different Kicks, Same Feet
Ghetto Poet

Observing the Lines
Pieces of a Kind

Pursuit of Happiness
Running Blind

A Shade of Kendrick
Too Late

Their Poetry

(verse, monologues, and spoken word)

“All for You”
“Another Cycle”
“Be Gentle”
“Beneath Your Beautiful”
“Blurred Words”
“Broken Hearted"
“Captivated Freedom”
“Christmas Eve"
“Christmas Day”
“Come, Autumn”
“Complete Silence”
“Cross Contamination”
“Day One”
“Dear Boys”
“Dear Dr. Huxtable”
“Dear Self”

“Decisions Decisions”
“Down for a Night”
“Empire of Hearts”
“Everything Plus”
“Flame Song”
“Follow Me”
“For Strength to Stay Alive"
“Glaciar / Glacier”
“The Haves and Haves Not”
“Heart Break”
“Heart Games”
“Honest Hope”
“How It Feels”
“I Just Wanna Be Great”
“I Want Love”
“Inspired by Ashley“
“I’m Sorry”
“Is It Worth It?”
“It’s You, Not Me"
“Last Leaf on the Tree”
“Lawns of the Lawless”

“Left Alone”
“Let Me In [It’s Hard]"
“Long Distance Romance"
“The Love”
“Married to Death”
“Model Sized”
“No Words"
“Normal and Weird"
“Not You but Me”
“Ode to Your Ghost”
“On the Futility of Name Brand Water”
“Pardon Me"
“Paper Tigers”
“Pretty Women Don’t Think"
“Pride Version 1”
“Rib Cage”
“See Me”
“Shadow Waltz”
“The Shakura Trees”
“Sleepy Kisses”

“Star Mangled Banner"
“Story of Love"
“Tears for Humanity”
“The Tell Tell Eye”
“To Those Who’ve Said I Talk White”
“Trial and Tribulations”
“Trust Issues”
“The Truth”
“Untitled 1”
“Wake Up Me”
“Weapon Is Love”
“What Is Your Inner Art?"
“What Then?”
‘When You Left”
“The World Can Be Better”
“Your Love”

Featured Writers 

These are our four featured writers who were not members of the literary magazine staff but submitted such outstanding work that they earned a featured spot at the beginning of the magazine, where we could fully celebrate their writing. 

Staff Writers

Curious about the minds behind the ROAR Literary Magazine? Well, here they are! If you know any of the talented individuals below, please take a moment to complete them on a job well done. They are the brave writers and visionaries that make Westlake ROAR.