Students enjoy learning from high-impact online videos, especially from content creators like Crash Course, Khan Academy, and Extra Credits, so I have been working on a History Resource Menu that treats the wide world of nerdy internet videos like a textbook. The spirit of this project is to organize helpful YouTube videos by region of the world, as well as the dates they cover. That way, the overwhelming sea of videos can be used strategically in the classroom. Below are the YouTube channels by original content creators that I have organized.

OCC Channels 01.png
OCC Channels 03.png

Scope of Project

This project organizes YouTube videos for students and teachers by grouping thee videos into geographic region and time period. Each video is from a high-quality original content creator that delivers high-impact educational material.

History Resource Menu Table of Content.png

Subsections of Project

Each geographic region of the world has its own subsection that connects to the table of contents. The geographic regions are then divided into time periods for easy navigation. One distinguishing feature of this project is that the videos are organized by small sections of the videos that focus on a particular time period or special topic.

OCC Menu 01.png
OCC Menu 02.png
OCC Menu 03.png
OCC Menu 04.png
OCC Menu 05.png
OCC Menu 06.png
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OCC Menu 08.png
OCC Menu 09.png
OCC Menu 10.png
OCC Menu 11.png

Special Topic Menus of Project

There is also a special topics menu so YouTube videos from original content creators can be organized thematically and not just by geographic location or time period.

History Resource Menu Special Topics Example.png

User Experience

I am currently playing with two different designs for an eventual app. The first design is based on a block format. The second design is based on a row format.

Block Format

Row Format

Whoa -4000 - 650 Epic History TV History of Russia Part 1.jpg
Whoa 500 to 700 TED-Ed Where Did Russia Come From.jpg

Workflow of Project

Sorting through all the videos and finding meaningful ways to categorize them takes a great deal of time. Here is my approach to handling the workflow.


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