Grading and Feedback

Below are a few tools that I like to use when grading or giving feedback.

  • Feedback Log 
    • Keeping track of individualized comments on student writing is important so students and I can look back at their feedback across an entire unit. I created a feedback log so students recording teacher comments could become part of our regular classroom routines.
  • Habits Chart 
    • Communicating positively about the routines, habits, and behaviors of students can be fun and uplifting, but it can be ephemeral. I created this log for me a place to record the spotlights and shoutouts that I give students as they happen. I can also document areas of growth or concerns as necessary, but I mostly use it for positives. Students can see the changes as they happen.
  • Grade Moderation Spreadsheet
    • Grade moderation, or norming, is important when multiple teachers grade the same assignment. Here is a spreadsheet for facilitating grade moderation during a multidisciplinary project.
  • Breakout Sessions Spreadsheet
    • Using breakout sessions to split students between classrooms for targeted instruction is a good way to collaborate efficiently between teachers. I created this spreadsheet for assigning breakout sessions.