Modern Immigrant Stories

(Middle Grades)

For this 2004 series called "First Person Fiction," Scholastic contracted a talented group of writers to describe the stories of various immigrants moving to the United States. The result is an excellent book club opportunity for five students to learn together through share outs and structured discussions.

Modern Conflicts

(Middle Grades)

We used this group of books for students to study modern conflicts, ethnic and religious violence, and violations of human rights. The books cover a diverse geography but allow for students to have thematic conversations across groups.



Complementing The Most Dangerous Game

Travel and Transformation

(High School)

In class, we are reading The Odyssey, which is essentially the tale of a man leaving home, getting lost, and resolving his guilt when he comes back home. Throughout the epic poem, Odysseus travels across the Mediterranean Sea, fighting giant monsters and sea witches. Some will argue that Odysseus changes as a character, transforming into a more wise and humble king, but even if you question that optimistic analysis, we can all agree that he and his men are magically transformed on a regular basis. Below are novels that, at their heart, are about two things---travel, either between countries, across oceans, or into space----and transformation, either internal or external. Please choose one of the options below to read outside of class.

Complementing Romeo and Juliet

Complementing The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks